Cardiff City Football Club Players Wages And Salaries (2023)

This post lists Cardiff City player’s wages, and salaries Including the top 5 highest earners In the team. Have you ever wondered how much Cardiff City players earn in a week or a year?

This season, which is 2023/2024, the club will be paying its players a total of £19,444,000, which is about £373,923 every week. And the highest-paid player In the team currently earns nothing less than £80,000 per week.

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Check the list:

Cardiff City FC Players Wages And Salaries (2023)

Aaron Ramsey£ 80,000£ 4,160,000
Joe Ralls£ 24,423£ 1,270,000
Karlan Grant£ 20,000£ 1,040,000
Callum Robinson£ 20,000£ 1,040,000
Manolis Siopis£ 20,000£ 1,040,000
Mahlon Romeo£ 15,577£ 810,000
Iké Ugbo£ 15,500£ 806,000
Perry Ng£ 15,000£ 780,000
Andy Rinomhota£ 15,000£ 780,000
Rúnar Alex Rúnarsson£ 15,000£ 780,000
Yakou Méïté£ 12,500£ 650,000
Romaine Sawyers£ 12,308£ 640,000
Callum O'Dowda£ 12,115£ 630,000
Ryan Wintle£ 12,000£ 624,000
Vontae Daley-Campbell£ 11,923£ 620,000
Mark McGuinness£ 10,000£ 520,000
Jonathan Panzo£ 9,231£ 480,000
Jamilu Collins£ 9,038£ 470,000
Ebou Adams£ 7,885£ 410,000
Jak Alnwick£ 7,500£ 390,000
Rubin Colwill£ 7,500£ 390,000
Kion Etete£ 6,923£ 360,000
Dimitrios Goutas£ 5,000£ 260,000
Ollie Tanner£ 4,500£ 234,000
Josh Bowler£ 4,000£ 208,000

Top 5 Highest Paid Cardiff City Players

1. Aaron Ramsey

Aaron recently signed a contract that will keep him at the club until June 30, 2025. He’s got 2 more years to go on his deal, and he’ll pocket an annual salary of £8,320,000 over these two years.

While he takes home £80,000 every single week. However, this is just his base salary, not counting any bonuses he might earn for stellar performances or hitting certain targets. At 32 years of age, Ramsey isn’t just a regular midfielder.

He’s known for his unique blend of technique and strength, giving him an edge over many. Offensively, he’s got this skill for knowing just when to bounce into the penalty area, surprising everyone and often finding the back of the net.

Not just a goal scorer, Ramsey also got eyes all over the pitch, linking up with teammates, creating opportunities, and even winning the ball back when needed. His versatility is something else too.

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While he Impresses in the center of the pitch, don’t be surprised if you see him out wide or even playing deeper roles. When he was with Juventus, under manager Maurizio Sarri, he played a unique role called the ‘mezzala’.

It’s an Italian term that means an offensive central midfielder. However, every star has its challenges. For Ramsey, it’s been injuries. They’ve been a frequent visitor in his career, but that hasn’t stopped him from displaying his brilliance on the pitch.

2. Joe Ralls

In football, versatility can be a player’s best asset, and Joe is a perfect example of that. Initially, he’s best known for his central midfield role.

During his early days at both Cardiff and Yeovil, he played at left midfield and even as a left back. While Joe has said these aren’t his most natural positions, he’s stepped up and said, “I can do a job there.”

But, if you watch him closely, you’ll notice that he often tends to drift inside when placed in these roles. Now, when Joe talks about his style of play, he describes himself as a “box-to-box midfielder.”

He loves getting forward whenever he can, aiming to create chances or even score goals. However, Joe Ralls, now 29 years old is playing under a contract with Cardiff that’s set to expire on June 30, 2024, and Joe’s currently pocket salary of £1,270,000 annually. That’s around £24,423 every week and that’s without adding any bonuses he might earn.

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3. Karlan Grant

Karlan Laughton Ahearne-Grant, generally known as Karlan Grant, was born on 18 September 1997 which makes him 25 years old this season. He’s an English professional footballer and currently plays as a forward for Cardiff City.

However, he’s only there on loan from West Bromwich Albion. While he’s played for England at the younger levels, Karlan has a choice ahead of him. He’s also eligible to play for Scotland, due to his roots.

So, in the future, we might just see him sporting a Scottish jersey or sticking with the English side. Only time will tell. Karlan earns £20,000, and a base salary of £1,040,000. His time with Cardiff is ticking though, and his contract with the club will expire on May 31, 2024.

4. Callum Robinson

In September 2022, Robinson made the switch to Cardiff City, leaving West Bromwich Albion. Cardiff saw his potential and splashed out £1.75 million to make sure he wore their jersey.

Now, that’s a significant amount, but given his skills, many would argue it’s money well spent. Robinson penned a 3-year deal with Cardiff, and as of now, there are 2 years left on his contract, which will see its end on June 30, 2025.

However, he earns £20,000 every week and a base salary of £1,040,000. Age-wise, Robinson is 28, right in his prime as a footballer. He’s a product of the Aston Villa academy.

That’s where he sharpened his skills as a young player. Robinson also had a couple of stints at Preston, on loan from Aston Villa, before they decided they couldn’t let him go and signed him up permanently in 2016.

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5. Manolis Siopis

Manolis Siopis is one of the fantastic players on the team and has a contract that is set to last for 3 more years. This contract will come to an end on June 30, 2026, and over the entire span of his contract, he will earn a sum of £3,120,000. And for the 2023-2024 season, Manolis will take home a base salary of £1,040,000, that’s about £20,000.

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