4 Football Teams That Are Based in Paris

Paris has been a city deeply passionate about football, captivating millions of enthusiasts. Amidst this fervor lies a curiosity regarding the football teams in Paris, and the answer, intriguingly, might surprise many.

Paris boasts numerous football clubs, some tracing their origins back to the 19th century. However, the country houses two prominent professional football teams – Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Paris FC.

Football legends like Michel Platini, Zinedine Zidane, Thierry Henry, and others have emerged from the city, adding to its illustrious football heritage.

Delving deeper into Paris’s football industry, we will be listing and discussing the prominent and popular football teams in Paris. So, without further delay, let’s begin the exploration!

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List of Football Teams In Paris

Here is a compilation of some of the prominent and popular football teams in Paris:

1. Paris Saint-Germain (PSG):

Paris Saint-Germain

Undoubtedly, PSG, established in 1970, stands as the most renowned football club in Paris and one of the most successful in France.

Competing in Ligue 1 and boasting a stellar roster of professional players, PSG has achieved numerous titles, which include: 10 Ligue 1 titles, 14 Coupe de France titles, 9 Coupe de la Ligue titles, and 10 Trophée des Champions titles.

As of 2023, PSG holds the fifth-highest revenue in football, registering an annual income of €654 million as per Deloitte’s assessment. Forbes places PSG as the world’s seventh-most valuable football club, boasting a staggering worth of $4.21 billion.

Who Owns Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)?

Initially, Paris Saint-Germain Football Club operated as a fan-owned entity boasting an impressive membership of 20,000 passionate supporters.

However, a significant shift occurred in 1973 when a consortium of affluent French entrepreneurs, spearheaded by Daniel Hechter and Francis Borelli, acquired the club. This marked the first change in ownership for PSG.

Subsequent transformations in ownership transpired in 1991, as Canal+ assumed control, followed by another transition in 2006 with the arrival of Colony Capital.

The defining shift arrived in 2011 when Qatar Sports Investments (QSI), backed by the Qatari government, acquired a majority stake, eventually attaining full ownership of the Parisian club in 2012. Presently, QSI commands an 87.5% share, while the remaining 12.5% is owned by Arctos Partners.

2. Paris FC:

Paris FC

Another professional and prominent football club based in Paris is Paris FC. Actively competing in Ligue 2 – France’s second-tier football league, the club boasted a significant status as the largest and most supported football club in the city, rallying over 20,000 passionate spectators on home ground at the Stade Sébastien Charléty.

Established in 1969, the club has predominantly navigated through the lower divisions. However, recent indications suggest an upward trajectory in the club’s performance, signaling a promising surge in its competitive stature.

The club’s highest accolade remains clinching the group victory in the Championnat de France amateur back in 2006. The club’s last stint in Ligue 1 dates back to the 1978–79 season.

Despite the struggles, Paris FC has served as a launchpad for numerous budding talents who later enjoyed prosperous professional careers.

Notable figures like Jean-Christophe Thouvenel, Mamadou Sakho, Tijani Belaid, Aymen Belaïd, Gabriel Obertan, and Ibrahima Konaté kick-started their journey at the club.

Sakho, Konaté, and the Belaïd brothers advanced to represent their respective national teams, while Thouvenel clinched a gold medal at the 1984 Summer Olympics.

Renowned manager Roger Lemerre initiated his managerial voyage at the club before steering France to triumphs at UEFA Euro 2000 and the 2001 FIFA Confederations Cup.

Who Owns Paris FC?

Paris FC president Pierre Ferracci is the major stakeholder of the club, garnering a 77% stake. Nevertheless, there has been recent involvement of the Kingdom of Bahrain – securing a significant 20% ownership, and Allirajah Subaskaran – a British-Sri Lankan entrepreneur and investor securing a yet-to-be-undisclosed stake in ownership.

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3. Red Star FC:

Red Star FC

Founded in 1897, Red Star FC is one of the oldest football clubs in France, following the footsteps of Standard AC of Paris, Le Havre AC, and Girondins de Bordeaux.

Based in the northern suburbs of Paris, this esteemed professional football club is actively engaged in the Championnat National – France’s esteemed second-tier football league.

Red Star boasts a remarkable legacy encompassing 19 seasons in the top division, the most recent stint dating back to the 1974–75 season.

The club’s prowess in cup competitions shines through its five Coupe de France titles, a feat that ranks among the top five achievements among all French clubs.

Stade Bauer (10,000-capacity football stadium) serves as the arena where the team’s footballing spirit comes to life, under the adept guidance of manager Habib Frédéric  Beye – a retired professional footballer, primarily known for his role as a right-back on the field.

Although Red Star’s accomplishments on the field might be considered moderate, the club is widely acknowledged for its vibrant social influence.

The passionate backing from Red Star’s fan base extends beyond football, closely aligning with their steadfast support for left-wing politics, social activism, and the lively ambiance they create during the club’s matches.

Who Owns Red Star FC

Red Star’s genesis traces back to its founding by the esteemed French football luminary, Jules Rimet, in 1897 under the banner of Red Star Club Français.

Rimet’s indelible mark extended beyond the club as he ascended to presidencies at both the French Football Federation and FIFA.

Recently, a significant change in ownership happened in May 2022, when a US-based private investment firm 777 Partners acquired the club. Hence, marking another strategic move in the club’s expansion.

777 Partners an American private equity firm, has recently unveiled its acquisition of the French third-division club, Red Star FC, marking their foray into international soccer expansion.

Notably, 777 Partners also holds a shareholding in LaLiga’s Sevilla, further enhancing their diversified presence within the realm of European football.

4. Racing Club de France

Racing Club de France

Racing Club de France Football, also known as Racing Paris, RCF Paris, Matra Racing, Racing Club, or simply Racing, is a distinguished French association football club headquartered in Colombes, a suburb situated near Paris.

This football club is a revered multi-sports club, standing as one of the nation’s oldest institutions. Its inception dates back to 1882, and it holds the distinction of being a founding member of Ligue 1.

Throughout its illustrious history, Racing Club de France clinched the league title once during the 1935–36 season and secured five Coupe de France titles, ranking among the top tier in this regard.

Presently competing in the Championnat National 2, the club boasts a roster of noteworthy players, including renowned figures like Roger Marche, Oscar Heisserer, Thadée Cisowski, Raoul Diagne, Luis Fernández, Maxime Bossis, David Ginola, Luís Sobrinho, Pierre Littbarski, Enzo Francescoli, Alfred Bloch, and Rubén Paz.

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Who Owns Racing Club de France?

Racing Club de France, a historic multi-sports club founded in 1882, is managed by Guillaume Norbert – a former professional footballer from France who primarily played as a midfielder.

Throughout his career, Norbert played for various clubs, including FC Lorient, US Créteil-Lusitanos, Angers, Nantes, and Le Havre, Norbert displayed a remarkable blend of technique and strategy. His contributions to the team’s midfield dynamics showcased his adeptness in ball control and tactical maneuvering.

Beyond his on-field achievements, Norbert’s transition from player to manager signified a new chapter in his footballing journey.

His wealth of experience as a player brought a unique perspective to his managerial approach, emphasizing tactics, player development, and the intricate aspects of the game.

In Conclusion

The array of football teams in Paris is quite extensive, encompassing professional entities like PSG, as well as amateur clubs and youth leagues.

These teams contribute to the diverse and spirited football scene in Paris, captivating the passion of both local enthusiasts and global fans of the sport.

Notably, ownership details of sports clubs, including football teams, can be subject to change due to various reasons such as acquisitions, investments, or stake sales that might have occurred after that period.

Hence, the current owners of the Paris football teams listed above may change or gain more ownership in due time. However, we will keep this guide updated from time to time when there are changes in these teams.

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