Meet 9 Muslim Players Who Converted To Christianity

Football stands as the premier sport worldwide, captivating millions of hearts and souls. Beyond mere entertainment, football stands as a symbol of unity, where people of different personal beliefs, Muslim, Christian, Jew, and others, come together to watch, enjoy, and play football.

While personal beliefs ought not to influence football players on-field, it however intersects with the lives of some, especially the Muslim ones.

Nevertheless, the global football stage has seen several notable Muslim players embracing Christianity, marking a significant transformation in their faith journey.

Amidst these transformations, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 10 notable personalities who transitioned from being followers of Islam to embracing Christianity. In addition, I’ll provide a brief religious biography of each player in this listicle. So, sit back and let’s get started with the listicle!

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Muslim Players Who Changed From Islam To Christianity

1. Djibril Cissé


Djibril Cissé is a renowned French footballer currently showcasing his talents with JS Saint-Pierroise. Born into the Muslim faith, Cissé’s path diverged significantly in 2007 when he made the profound and deeply personal decision to embrace Christianity. This transition marked a monumental shift in his life.

Cissé’s journey from Islam to Christianity reveals a profound human experience, showcasing resilience, self-reflection, and steadfast commitment to discovering personal truth and spiritual satisfaction.

His journey stands as a beacon of courage and authenticity, transcending the realms of sports to echo the intricacies of human existence and the profound search for inner peace.

2. George Weah


George Weah, an icon revered as one of Africa’s finest footballers, etching his name as one of the greatest players not only of his generation but in the annals of the sport’s history.

Weah initially embraced Protestant Christianity, setting the stage for a spiritual sojourn that would traverse various faiths, he later embarked on a decade-long passage practicing Islam, immersing himself in its teachings and ethos. However, the tides of faith guided him back to the folds of Christianity.

Throughout his spiritual odyssey, Weah emerged as a harbinger of unity, espousing a vision of peace and harmony between Muslims and Christians.

His voice resonates with a call for unity, recognizing the shared humanity that transcends religious divides, affirming, “They are one people.”

3. Kevin-Prince Boateng


Kevin-Prince Boateng, born on March 6, 1987, is a retired professional footballer renowned for his role as a midfielder or forward. Hailing from Germany and representing the Ghana national team, Kevin-Prince Boateng carries a story that transcends the boundaries of faith and personal conviction.

Often perceived as a devout Christian by many, Boateng’s spiritual journey paints a canvas colored by diverse influences and personal choices.

Amidst whispers and speculations, rumors swirled around his religious affiliation, suggesting a shift from Christianity to Islam, purportedly influenced by Turkish friends and a former girlfriend.

However, the currents of faith are intricate and deeply personal. Boateng’s path witnessed a pivotal juncture when he encountered Jenny, his destined life partner and bride-to-be.

This significant relationship seemed to herald a transformative chapter in his spiritual voyage, steering him back towards the embrace of Christianity.

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4. Samuel Kuffour


Samuel Osei Kuffour, a retired Ghanaian professional footballer, is recognized for his role as a center-back. Born on September 3, 1976, Kuffour is chiefly celebrated for his extensive tenure at Bayern Munich, spanning over ten years.

During this period, he secured an impressive tally of 14 accolades and participated in nearly 250 official matches. Kuffour also notably represented the Ghana national team in the 2006 World Cup and played in five Africa Cup of Nations tournaments.

During his time in the football industry, Samuel Kuffour exudes a profound commitment to his Christian faith that reverberates beyond the confines of the football pitch.

Despite claims suggesting a transition from Islam to Christianity, Kuffour has steadfastly remained a devoted Christian, illuminating the unwavering foundation that anchors his life’s journey.

His testimony underscores the profound impact of faith, not just as a personal belief system, but as a source of unwavering strength, offering hope and resilience even in the face of life’s most agonizing trials.

5. Linvoy Primus


Hailing from Forest Gate, England, to Caribbean-born parents, Linvoy Stephen Primus, born on September 14, 1973, is a retired English professional footballer renowned for his role as a defender.

During his football career, Linvoy Primus’s odyssey reveals a narrative of profound spiritual transformation. His voyage toward Christianity, a faith he wholeheartedly embraced, emerged as a poignant testament to the influence of family and close bonds.

The pivotal moment in Primus’s faith journey stemmed from the profound impact of his wife and family friends, whose unwavering beliefs and influence became catalysts for his conversion to Christianity.

Their nurturing guidance and steadfast devotion served as beacons of inspiration, guiding Primus onto a path that resonated deeply with his soul. Amidst the labels and perceptions, Primus stands as one of the few Muslim footballers who underwent a heartfelt transition to Christianity.

6. Qadry Rahmadan Ismail


The Muslim-born, Qadry Rahmadan Ismail, known as “the Missile, is a retired American professional footballer renowned for his career as a wide receiver in the National Football League (NFL). Beyond his football accolades, another interesting part of his career is his religious beliefs.

Raised as a devout Muslim, his spiritual compass took an unexpected turn during a significant visit with his brother to their grandmother. In a moment of profound transformation, both Qadry and Raghib embraced Christianity.

The narrative of their simultaneous conversion to Christianity resonates as a testament to the bond they share, transcending the sporting realm.

It reflects a profound journey of introspection, growth, and a quest for spiritual fulfillment—a journey they embarked on together, finding solace and resonance in their newfound faith.

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7. Tunch Ilkin


Tunch Ilkin, born Tunç Ali İlkin on September 23, 1957, and passing away on September 4, 2021, was a prominent Turkish-American figure in football and sports broadcasting.

Renowned as an offensive tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers, he earned two Pro Bowl selections and held the distinction of being the initial Turkish player in the National Football League (NFL).

However, before ending his professional football career, Tunch transformed his religious identity. Stepping away from the game, he took an unexpected turn as he found solace and profound resonance in Christianity.

After transitioning into his newfound faith, he further stepped up, serving as the pastor of the Men’s Ministry at the Bible Chapel in the United States, Ilkin emerged as a guiding light, imparting wisdom, compassion, and spiritual guidance to those seeking solace and understanding.

8. Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila


Muhammed-Kabeer Olanrewaju Gbaja-Biamila Sr., commonly known as “KGB” and born on September 24, 1977, is a retired American professional footballer.

Throughout his impressive nine-year tenure in the National Football League (NFL), he served as a defensive end exclusively for the Green Bay Packers.

Gbaja-Biamila honed his skills playing college football for the San Diego State Aztecs before being drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the fifth round of the 2000 NFL Draft. His exceptional performance earned him a coveted Pro Bowl selection in 2003.

In his early years, Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, whose origin is traced back to Nigeria, practiced and believed in the Islamic faith with his family. However, a transition occurred with his mother converting to Christianity.

He, however, later embraced Christianity after meeting his life partner during his rookie season while playing for the Green Bay Packers.

Transitioning to Christianity, he actively engaged in religious and charitable endeavors. He took on the role of coordinator at the local Celebration Church Bayside for Crown Financial Ministries. This ministry taught individuals financial management based on Biblical principles.

Additionally, he participated in a significant faith-based gathering named Lambeau Leap of Faith at Lambeau Field in July 2007, uniting thousands of Christians.

While once identifying as a Muslim, then Christian, he later shifted his self-identification to being a Hebrew Israelite, adhering to dietary laws outlined in the Book of Leviticus.

9. Akbar Gbajabiamila


Akbar Oluwakemi-Idowu Gbajabiamila, born on May 6, 1979, is a retired professional American footballer from the National Football League (NFL).

He’s now known for his roles as a commentator and co-host on the American Ninja Warrior TV series. Presently, he co-hosts The Talk on CBS and serves as a commentator on American Ninja Warrior Junior, a spinoff show on Universal Kids.

In addition to Akbar’s football career, is his religious beliefs. Initially raised in a Muslim household, both of his parents practiced Islam until his mother embraced Christianity.

Afterward, he made a personal decision to convert to Christianity. His conversion from Muslim to Christianity happened during his college days.

In Conclusion

The journey from one faith to another is a deeply personal and profound experience, illuminating the complexities of human existence and spiritual evolution.

As we delve into the lives of these esteemed football figures, their transitions from the Islamic faith to embracing Christianity underscore the intricacies of faith.

In addition, the stories of the listed Muslim players who converted to Christianity above, serve as a testament to the complexity and beauty of the human spirit, transcending the boundaries of sport to resonate with the universal quest for spiritual fulfillment.

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