15 Exciting Soccer Players With Dreadlocks (2024)

Are dreadlocks acceptable in soccer? Well, let’s find out! Dreadlocks is a diverse cultural practice originating from cultures like ancient Greek, Rastafari, Senegalese, Aztec, and Buddhist traditions.

Nevertheless, within the realm of soccer, we’ve noticed and seen a variety of players showcasing their locks around the pitch. But, is it accepted?

Well, yes, dreadlocks is an acceptable hairstyle in soccer, and hence many players like Nathan Ake, Christopher Nkunku, and many others have adopted this hairstyle.

While there are lots of players who embrace this hairstyle, we’ve provided this article, exploring and compilating a list of 15 soccer players who have adopted the dreadlocks hairstyle suiting their preference.  Without further delay, let’s begin the exploration!

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Soccer Players With Dreadlocks

Here is the list of soccer players with dreadlocks:

1. Nathan Aké:

Nathan Benjamin Aké is a professional Dutch soccer player who has played for prominent clubs like Chelsea, Loan spells and AFC Bournemouth.

He currently plays for Manchester City as a centre-back, full-back, and defensive midfield. Beyond his defensive and playing prowess, Nathan Aké was recognised for his striking dreadlocks since his early days in soccer. This exceptional hairstyle has earned him recognition in celebrity magazines and tabloids, amplifying his global presence.

2. Christopher Nkunku:

Christopher Alan Nkunku is a versatile French player who is also a fan of dreads. Currently playing for Chelsea as an attacking midfielder, second striker, or forward, Christopher Nkunku has been seen on the pitch with his low-hanging dreadlocked hairstyle.

3. Romeo Lavia:

Born on January 6, 2004, Roméo Lavia, a talented Belgian footballer, serves as a defensive midfielder for Premier League powerhouse Chelsea and the Belgium national team.

Beyond his exceptional skill and defence, Romeo Lavia also showcases an affinity for dreadlocks, evident from his appearance during Chelsea’s unveiling ceremony.

4. Rafael Leão:

Rafael Alexandre da Conceição Leão is a distinguished Portuguese footballer who currently plays for AC Millan.

Beyond his agility and pace on the pitch, Rafael Leão also dazzles with his distinctive hairstyle–dreadlocks- solidifying his position as a formidable winger and a style icon in the footballing world. His distinctive dreadlocked appearance mirrors his dynamic gameplay, solidifying his standout presence in the realm of soccer.

5. Mohamed Elneny:

Mohamed Naser Elsayed Elneny, born on July 11, 1992, stands as an Egyptian professional footballer, showcasing his talent as a defensive midfielder for the Premier League giants, Arsenal, and the Egypt national team.

Elneny has captured the attention of the audience, not just for his impactful contributions on the field but also for his unique dreadlocked hairstyle.

Known for his precise skill set and cautious gameplay, Elneny defies the typical muscular enforcer stereotype, portraying himself as a cerebral player who adeptly anticipates the game’s nuances, making crucial interceptions when needed.

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6. Trevoh Chalobah:

Trevoh Tom Chalobah, born on July 5, 1999, stands as an English professional footballer showcasing his skills as a centre-back or defensive midfielder for the Premier League powerhouse, Chelsea.

Showcasing his unique dreadlock, Trevoh Chalobah began his football journey at the tender age of eight, following in the footsteps of his brother Nathaniel.

Chalobah gained valuable experience on loan spells at Ipswich Town, Huddersfield Town, and French outfit Lorient. He marked his senior debut for Chelsea during the 2021 UEFA Super Cup, contributing significantly to the club’s triumphant trophy lift after a penalty shoot-out victory.

7. Reece James:

Born on December 8, 1999, Reece Lewis James is an esteemed English professional footballer renowned for his role as a right-back and captain at Premier League juggernauts Chelsea, also featuring prominently in the England national team.

Having represented his club and England national team, Reece James, in his early 20s has been seen flexing around the pitch with his unique dreadlocks. However, he has opted for a complete hair transformation, adopting a sleeker and more refined appearance.

8. Eduardo Camavinga

Eduardo Celmi Camavinga, born on November 10, 2002, is a professional football luminary, gracing the field as a midfielder for Real Madrid and proudly representing the France national team.

Revered for his athleticism, adaptability, and technical prowess, Camavinga primarily operates as a central midfielder, showcasing his talent and his thick dreadlocks.

Cama’s unique dreadlocks style has garnered substantial fanfare, particularly on the internet, with fans linking it to the catchy anthem “Cama ooo, Cama ooo, Cama ooo.”

Beyond his distinctive hairstyle, Cama stands as a versatile athlete, showcasing agility and perfection. His ability to find the net even from deep positions underscores his multifaceted talent on the field.

9. Aaron Wan-Bissaka:

Aaron Wan-Bissaka, known for his defensive prowess at Manchester United, has garnered attention not just for his skills but also for his signature dreadlocked haircut, making him an icon among Premier League fans.

Wan-Bissaka’s primary role as a right-back revolves around defending, showcasing expertise in speed, sliding tackles, and excelling in one-on-one defensive encounters.

Renowned football pundit Jamie Carragher acclaimed him as the “best one-on-one defender for a full-back in the world” back in 2020, a testament to his exceptional defensive abilities.

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10. Calvin Bassey:

Calvin Bassey, whose full name is Calvin Chinedu Bassey is a proficient footballer renowned for his adeptness as a left-back or center-back, gracing the ranks of the Premier League outfit Fulham while proudly representing the Nigeria national team.

Distinguishable by his thick dreadlocked hairstyle, which has remained his constant hairstyle throughout his career at Rangers and now in Ajax, representing his Nigerian heritage and unique persona.

11. Jules Koundé

Jules Olivier Koundé, born on November 12, 1998, is a highly skilled French professional footballer known for his contributions as a center-back or right-back.

The FC Barcelona defender has transitioned from afro hair to dreadlocks, showcasing not only his versatility on the field but also in his fashion choices, earning him recognition as one of the best defenders globally.

12. Eberechi Eze:

Eberechi Oluchi Eze, born on June 29, 1998, is an English professional footballer renowned for his proficiency as an attacking midfielder or left winger. He proudly represents Premier League club Crystal Palace and is also a part of the England national team.

Eberechi Eze is known and celebrated not only for his dribbling skills but also for his heavy dreadlocked hairdo, which adds to his elusive playing style, making him a revered figure among football enthusiasts.

During his tenure as QPR’s creative number 10, Eze exhibited impressive versatility, elegantly maneuvering across the frontline while occasionally dropping deeper.

His distinctive playing style, coupled with his eye-catching hairstyle, has garnered him immense admiration from Premier League enthusiasts.

13. Nico Williams:

Nicholas “Nico” Williams Arthuer is a talented Spanish professional footballer prominently known for his role as a winger for La Liga’s Athletic Bilbao and a key figure in the Spain national team. Beyond his dynamic gameplay, Nico has attained recognition through his unique, thick, short and half-brown-tilted dread style.

Williams embarked on his football journey in Athletic Bilbao’s youth ranks back in 2013, and throughout his football career, he has been seen to be a fan of dreads.

His impressive skill, remarkable speed and exceptional dribbling abilities have earned him a spot on Spain’s senior team in 2022, marking a pivotal moment in his career.

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14. Allan Saint-Maximin:

Allan Saint-Maximin, born on March 12, 1997, is a French professional footballer renowned for his role as a winger, currently contributing his skills to Saudi Pro League club Al-Ahli. Before this, he showcased his talents at clubs such as Saint-Étienne, Monaco, Nice, and Newcastle United.

Allan has enthralled EPL fans with his distinctive dreadlocked appearance, held in place with a hairband, creating a visually captivating on-field presence. However, his most remarkable attribute lies in his world-class ball-striking prowess.

Saint-Maximin possesses a blend of innate strength, technical finesse, and remarkable ball-striking abilities, rendering him a formidable force across all areas of the attack.

15. Renato Sanches:

Renato Júnior Luz Sanches, commonly known as Renato Sanches, was born on August 18, 1997, in Lisbon, Portugal. He is an esteemed Portuguese international footballer who currently plays as a midfielder for AS Roma, on loan from Paris Saint-Germain.

Renato Sanches has sported the dreadlocks hairstyle since his breakout days at Benfica, carrying his unique hairstyle across prominent clubs like Bayern Munich, Swansea, Lille, PSG, and currently AS Roma. With his unique hairstyle, Sanches often draws comparisons to the revered Dutch legend Edgar Davids.

To conclude

From Nathan Aké to other players, these players have showcased their cultural diversity and individual expression, reflecting a blend of athleticism and personal identity on the grand stage of world football.

Beyond their exceptional skills, these footballers’ looks have elevated them not just as football icons but also as fashion trendsetters, encapsulating self-expression and cultural significance on the global stage of football.

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