Top 10 Best Female Goalkeepers In The World

Football of course requires strength and creativity in the pitch to get the fans entertained, and this is enough reason why people will mostly go for male football rather than female.

Then, I have watched female football games countless times, I have seen the efforts, strengths, creativity, and skills they have put into making the sport more beautiful, not to talk of goal-stopping effort.

Speaking of goal-stopping effort, some female footballers can keep the ball from entering the goal more than most notable male goalies.

Female footballers such as Mary Earps and Manuela Zinsberger are the real definition of “bus stop”, they could jump as much as they can to stop the ball.

However, if you are doubting that there are no female goalies that can keep more than the males, I will be compiling a list of the top 10 best female goalkeepers in the world. So, without further ado, let us proceed…

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Top 10 Best Female Goalkeepers In The World

1. Mary Earps

  • Club: Manchester United
  • Country: England

Dating back to 2022 when the Three Lionesses won the 2022 Women’s Euro competition, Mary Earps indeed played a big role.

She played 6 games in the competition, conceded two goals, and kept 4 clean sheets. Mary Earps may be a great goalie, but she is also considered to be one of the best female soccer players in the world currently.

Surprisingly, she is only 29 years old and still has a lot of offers from the England national team, and in the coming World Cup this year, we will see about that.

Having kept 4 clean sheets in 6 games, she is now the joint-highest clean sheets holder at the last Euros competition alongside Germany. I must admit that Mary Earps is a great player because of her reflexes.

2. Ann-Katrin Berger

  • Club: Chelsea
  • Country: Germany

Alongside Christiane Endler, Ann-Katrin Berger was part of the nominees for the Best Awards in 2021. She was Germany’s no.1 in the UEFA Women’s Euros, although her side lost to England in the final. Before the Euros competition, she had helped Chelsea win the Super League back-to-back and a Cup double.

Katrin-Berger is not just a goalie who plays with her hands, she can initiate attacks with passes using her legs.

3. Sandra Paños Garcia-Villamil

  • Club: Barcelona
  • Country: Spain

Sandra Paños Garcia-Villamil is Barcelona’s first-choice goalie and helped Barcelona femenina that were unbeaten in La Liga last season.

She has won 3 La Liga titles, an UEFA Women’s Champions League, 5 consecutive Copa De La Reina, and 4 Zamora Trophies. Her reflexes are top notch and her ability to make crucial saves are beyond the unthinkable.

4. Christiane Endler

  • Club: Lyon
  • Country: Chile

After winning the FIFA Best Award for Women’s Goalkeeper, Endler never lost her hope of winning it back-to-back after lifting the title for the 2021 edition.

Despite having an uninspiring display with Chile in the World Cup, she was applauded for her efforts, and with that same spirit, she helped PSG dethrone Lyon in the French Women’s League before joining Lyon to win the League again and also the cleanest sheets.

Endler also holds the record for the first Chilean to win the UEFA Women’s Champions League.

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5. Ellie Roebuck

  • Club: Manchester City
  • Country: England

Some of the best female goalies are found in England, and in this article, Ellie Roebuck is the second female goalie I will be discussing.

Ellie Roebuck made her debut for Manchester City at 16, and at 23 she had already won the WSL, FA Cup, and League Cup at Manchester City.

Despite returning from injury last season, she helped The Blue side of Manchester secure the Champions League. She conceded 3 goals from the total games she played last season after recording an 83.3% shot saved. She is also considered excellent in distributing the ball for her side to attack the opponent.

6. Manuela Zinsberger

  • Club: Arsenal
  • Country: Austria

Manuela Zinberger was an outstanding player for Arsenal last season. She won the Golden Gloves despite The Gunners finishing behind Chelsea.

She has recorded figures of clean sheets which makes her a great goalie for The Gunners. The Gunners goalie has faced top strikers in the Super League, and she has not lost to them easily.

7. Merle Frohms

  • Club: Wolfsburg
  • Country: Germany

Merle Frohms earned a call-up to the Germany team that finished as runner-up at the UEFA Women’s Euro Championship last year.

In the Frauen-Bundesliga, she has been a key player at Wolfsburg and has helped them unlock some achievements such as the League title.

At a young age, she started her progress from the German national youth teams to the senior team which is not considered an important player.

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8. Kailen Sheridan

  • Club: San Diego Wave
  • Country: Canada

As a newly formed club in the NWSL, San Diego Wave’s goalie Kailen Sheridan conceded only 17 goals as they reached the NWSL playoffs.

Having won it last season with her team, Kailen Sheridan became the first Canadian to win the NWSL Golden Glove and went further to the 2022 CONCACAF Championship where she only conceded a goal to win the Golden Glove.

9. Andrianna Franch

  • Club: Kansas City
  • Country: USA

Andrianna Franch is undoubtedly one of the best US goalkeepers. Winning the NWSL Best Goalie award back-to-back, 2017 and 2018 proves this to be factual.

What more could a goalie do for a team? Andrianna Franch helped Kansas City reach their first NWSL playoffs final after recording seven crucial saves in the semis match against OL Reigns.

Despite playing in the NWSL which is not considered one of the best Women’s leagues, she has what it takes to be considered one of the best female goalies.

10. Alyssa Naeher

  • Club: Chicago Red Stars
  • Country: USA

Having lifted two World Cup trophies and consecutively winning The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2 times with the Australia/New Zealand edition in 2023, the +30-year-old Alyssa Naeher is considered to be one of the best female goalkeepers.

Aside from being a great goalie, Alyssa Nasher possesses leadership qualities as she is always controlling her defense with her vocal ability to make sure her team is in the right position to defend the opponents’ attacks.

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Although female goalkeepers such as Chiamaka Nnadozie, Pauline Peyraud-Magnin, and Almuth Schult have not been mentioned in the list, they are also some of the best female goalkeepers.

Pauline Peyraud-Magnin has played for a couple of clubs in Europe including Arsenal, Lyon, Marseille, and Atletico Madrid before reaching 30 years, and Almuth Schult may not quite be popular but she is one of the most decorated female goalkeepers we have seen so far.

Moreover, I have compiled a list of the top 10 best female goalkeepers in the world, and I would like to know which one of them is your favorite player and the best at stopping the ball.

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