Top 10 Football Teams In Super League Greece

This is the top 10 best soccer teams in the Super League Greece in 2023. And in this post, you will learn about their Greece, World, and Europe ranking.

Super League Greece 1 is Greece’s premier professional football league, and it was established on July 16, 2006, as it succeeded Alpha Ethniki as the nation’s top-tier football competition.

The league comprises 14 teams, and the league’s season crosses from August to May, covering 26 matches for each team. As of May 2023, the league holds the 19th position in UEFA’s ranking of leagues, which evaluates five-year European competition performances.

Throughout its history since the inaugural Panhellenic Championship in 1927, only six clubs have clinched the championship title, with AEK Athens reigning as the present champion.

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So, if you are a fan of Super League 1, you are in for a treat.

Top 10 Football Teams In Super League Greece In 2023

  1. Olympiakos
  2. AEK
  3. Panathinaikos
  4. PAOK FC
  5. Aris Thessaloniki FC
  6. Olympiakos Volos
  7. Kavala
  8. OFI Crete
  9. Iraklis
  10. Xanthi FC

Let’s dive right in.

1. Olympiakos

  • Greece Ranking: 1
  • Europe Ranking: 62
  • World Ranking: 70

Olympiacos was formed on March 10, 1925, and they have been outstanding. With 47 League titles, 28 Cups (including 18 Doubles), and 4 Super Cups, they’ve set incredible records in Super League 1.

They’ve gathered a whopping 79 national trophies, placing them 9th in the world for the most titles won by a football club.

Olympiacos has also won seven consecutive Greek League titles on two occasions (1997–2003 and 2011–2017), surpassing even their own earlier record of six straight wins in the 1950s. Plus five consecutive national Cups from 1957 to 1961, a feat no other Greek club has achieved.

So far, their superiority is absolute, having clinched six League titles undefeated. Even at the international level, the club reached the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League in 1998–99, narrowly missing a semi-final spot.

They also impressed in the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup quarter-finals in 1992–93. With a strong presence in European competitions, they hold a top spot among Greek clubs in UEFA rankings.

They are the most popular football team in Greece with 83,000 registered members in 2006 (increased to 98,000 in 2014). They’re among the top clubs with the most passionate supporters.

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2. AEK Athens F.C.

  • Greece Ranking: 2
  • Europe Ranking: 69
  • World Ranking: 80

The year 2023 was a triumphant one for AEK Athens as they won their 13th championship on May 14th, defeating Volos 4–0, securing the title with a comfortable 5-point lead over second-place Panathinaikos.

On May 25th, they triumphed over PAOK 2-0 in the 2022–23 Greek Football Cup final, achieving a historic double for the first time since 1978, even with just 10 players for the majority of the match.

Let’s travel back to 1924 in Athens, where AEK Athens F.C. was founded by Greek refugees fleeing the aftermath of the Greco-Turkish War (1919–1922).

Among the triumvirate of Greek football success, including Olympiacos and Panathinaikos, AEK has been quite different. Recording an impressive haul of 32 national titles.

AEK Athens has made their performances felt in Greek football history, securing victories across every competition organized by the Hellenic Football Federation.

They’ve clinched the crown in 13 Greek Championships, 16 Greek Cups, 1 League Cup, and 2 Super Cups. They have also been impressive in various European competitions like the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and the now-defunct UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup.

They are the first Greek team to reach the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup (1976–77), the quarter-finals of the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup twice (1996–97 and 1997–98), and the quarter-finals of the European Cup (1968–69).

3. Panathinaikos F.C.

  • Greece Ranking: 3
  • Europe Ranking: 84
  • World Ranking: 107

Panathinaikos F.C. is a club with a rich history dating back to 1908 when it was founded as “Podosfairikos Omilos Athinon” by Georgios Kalafatis.

They have never been relegated from the top division. Their trophy cabinet includes 20 Greek Championships, 19 Greek Cups, and eight Double victories, alongside 3 Greek Super Cups.

The club’s 1963-64 undefeated top-flight campaign also adds to their outstanding performances. Panathinaikos is the most successful Greek club in European competitions, having reached the European Cup final in 1971 (though they lost to Ajax 2-0) and the semi-finals in 1985 and 1996.

They also played in the Intercontinental Cup (1971) and triumphed in the Balkans Cup in 1977. They have achieved all of these by nurturing talent through their academies, feeding both their first team and the Greek national football team.

In recent times, Panathinaikos faced a five-year absence from European Competitions, only to secure a place in the third qualifying round of the 2022–23 UEFA Europa Conference League.

They showed their qualities with a record-breaking unbeaten streak of 16 matches in the 2022-23 season. However, this streak came to an end against AEK Athens, resulting in a 1-0 away loss.

Despite their achievements, the 2022-23 season was a rollercoaster. The play-off round decided the fate of the league title, with Panathinaikos eventually losing out to AEK Athens.

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  • Greece Ranking: 4
  • Europe Ranking: 95
  • World Ranking: 123

PAOK FC is the home to the passionate fans of the Toumba Stadium founded on April 20, 1926, by Greek refugees who sought solace in Thessaloniki after the Greco-Turkish War (1919–1922).

This club has been great within the Super League as they’ve claimed the title three times (in 1976, 1985, and 2019) and lifted the Greek Cup on eight occasions (in 1972, 1974, 2001, 2003, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2021).

The club is one of the three that have never faced relegation from the top division. They achieved an incredible feat in 2019 when they secured the Double, remaining unbeaten with a 26–4–0 record in a national round-robin league tournament.

In the UEFA Europa League, they have appeared in two quarter-finals in European competitions: the 1973–74 European Cup Winners’ Cup and the inaugural 2021–22 UEFA Europa Conference League.

The club boasts a European record with more wins than losses (81 wins, 63 draws, and 76 defeats as of August 3, 2023). A remarkable highlight is their resounding 7-0 away victory over Locomotive Tbilisi on September 16, 1999 – the largest ever achieved by a Greek football club in European competitions.

5. Aris Thessaloniki FC

  • Greece Ranking: 5
  • Europe Ranking: 197
  • World Ranking: 291

Aris Thessaloniki FC emerged as one of the top football teams in Super League 1. Their victories include three Greek championships (in 1928, 1932, and 1946) and a Greek Cup triumph in 1970.

They recorded an undefeated home record in European competitions for 28 matches from 1968 to 2020, an era where they announced their qualities to the football world.

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6. Olympiakos Volos F.C.

  • Greece Ranking: 6
  • Europe Ranking: 274
  • World Ranking: 430

Though Olympiacos Volos F.C. has witnessed dramatic ups and downs in its history, they have made it to the impressive list.

In the 2009–2010 season, Olympiacos Volos F.C. triumphed in the Beta Ethniki, marking a triumphant return to the top league after a 20-year absence.

Their first season in the top league was great, finishing 5th and making their debut qualification for the Europa League.

However, the path wasn’t without hurdles, the team faced relegation to the Football League on July 28, 2011, due to Greece’s match-fixing scandal.

They were even excluded from the 2011–12 UEFA Europa League play-off round. They had to fight to maintain their place as Olympiacos Volos appealed the expulsion from the Super League and managed to stay, though starting with a 10-point deduction.

Amidst legal battles, the team faced challenges, with riots breaking out between fans and police in Volos.

While Kavala accepted participation in the 2011–12 Delta Ethniki, Olympiacos Volos held out, awaiting the outcome of their appeal against the Greek Professional Sports Committee’s decision. They stood their ground, declaring that the decision breached the rule of the football administration.

After a series of twists, the team’s fate was decided in June 2012, as a new share transfer was approved, allowing their participation in Greek professional leagues. Ever since then, they have been among the standout clubs in Greece.

7. Kavala F.C

  • Greece Ranking: 7
  • Europe Ranking: 433
  • World Ranking: 752

Kavala F.C. was formed in 1965 through the merger of Philippi Kavala, Iraklis Kavala, and A.E. Kavala, the club has experienced a shift in divisions.

They currently compete in the Gamma Ethniki, the third tier of the Greek football league system. Throughout its history, Kavala F.C. has had its moments in the top division of the Greek League.

They first entered Alpha Ethniki in 1969, enjoying six years at that level, followed by another stint from 1976 to 1982. A period of promotion and relegation followed, and in 2009-2010, they returned to Greece’s top division after nine years.

This returned with massive signings, including EURO 2004 winner Fanis Katergiannakis and players like Charles Itandje and Wilson Oruma.

Under coach Aad de Mos, they had a memorable season, securing impressive wins against well-known teams. The 2010-2011 season saw them finishing 6th, then a 7th place finish in the following year.

However, their journey took a twist as they faced the threat of relegation due to a match-fixing scandal. After an appeal, they managed to retain their position in the league after deducting their points.

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8. OFI Crete F.C.

  • Greece Ranking: 8
  • Europe Ranking: 465
  • World Ranking: 833

OFI is the Cretan club with the most successive appearances in the Greek first division. This achievement shows their excellence and their ability to have a place in the competition of Greek football.

Their triumphs include securing one Greek Cup in the 1986-87 season, plus a victory in the Balkans Cup. They have also had a good time on the international stage, competing seven times in UEFA competitions.

As of 2023, OFI is highly regarded as one of the best football teams in Greece.

9. Iraklis F.C.

  • Greece Ranking: 9
  • Europe Ranking:472
  • World Ranking: 856

Iraklis might not be the only veteran in Greek football but also the oldest club in Thessaloniki. To pay homage to the ancient Greek hero Heracles, the club added the name “Iraklis” to its identity.

The club’s history began as a founding member of the Macedonia Football Clubs Association and the Hellenic Football Federation under G.S. Iraklis Thessaloniki.

Before the nationwide league of Alpha Ethniki came into existence, Iraklis made their mark in the league administered by the Macedonia Football Clubs Association.

They made their dominance clear, clinching victory on five occasions. Also, they appeared in five finals and emerged victorious in the 1976 competition, securing their only domestic trophy.

In international competition, Iraklis won the Balkans Cup in 1985, adding an international title to their illustrious history.

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10. Xanthi FC

  • Greece Ranking: 10
  • Europe Ranking: 499
  • World Ranking: 908

Xanthi FC is one of the strongest soccer teams in Greece with strong financial support and a thriving youth setup.

They have not only secured a place in football but have also succeeded due to their solid financial backing and commitment to nurturing young talents.

The club participated in UEFA Cup and Europa League competitions during the 2001-02, 2005-06, 2006-07, and 2013-14 seasons.

However, in the 2004-05 season, the team recorded a milestone when they achieved their all-time best performance, finishing fourth in the Alpha Ethniki (now Super League).

The club honors include triumphs in domestic leagues, with wins in Football League Greece in 1988-89 and Gamma Ethniki in 1985-86. They secured the runner-up position in the Greek Cup during the 2014-15 season.

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So, buddy, if you ask me; who are the best football teams in Greece in 2023, I would say Olympiakos, AEK, Panathinaikos, PAOK FC, Aris Thessaloniki FC, Olympiakos Volos, Kavala, OFI Crete, Iraklis, Xanthi FC are the best soccer club in Greece.

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