Top 6 Juventus Biggest Rivals

Juventus is the most successful club in Italy’s football history. Having won the Italian League Championship a record 36 times and holds several impressive streaks, including nine consecutive triumphs from 2011 to 2020.

Juventus boasts a dominant domestic presence with 14 Coppa Italia wins and nine Supercoppa Italiana victories. Internationally, they’ve secured 11 titles, making them one of Europe’s most formidable clubs.

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Who Are Juventu’s Fierce Rivals?

1. Torino

Juventus’ biggest local rivals are Torino. Known as the Derby della Mole, it’s a clash between the city’s two major teams, Juventus and Torino. The name is derived from the Mole Antonelliana, a prominent landmark in Turin.

Origins of this rivalry trace back to the early 20th century when Torino became a club born within Juventus. The rivalry isn’t just about social history; it’s also about the game itself.

Juventus has a strong historical record in the derby, winning it 110 times compared to Torino’s 73 victories. Though Torino dominated in the early 1900s and during the 1940s with the legendary Grande Torino team.

In recent decades, Juventus has largely dominated, but Torino hasn’t lost its spirit. While Juventus may have the upper hand historically, each derby is a chance for Torino to defy the odds and claim victory.

Regardless of the outcome, the Derby della Mole remains a cherished tradition, bringing together communities and celebrating the essence of football in Turin.

2. Inter Milan

The rivalry between Juventus and Inter Milan is one of the fiercest In Italy football history. This rivalry is known as the Derby d’Italia, a term coined by Italian sports journalist Gianni Brera in 1967. It’s a bit like Spain’s El Clásico or France’s Le Classique.

Both teams come from Northern Italy, with Juventus based in Turin and Inter Milan in Milan. This geographical proximity adds fuel to the fire, as fans from both cities passionately support their respective teams.

The history between Juventus and Inter is rich with memorable moments and controversies. Dating back to the 1950s and 60s, the rivalry intensified, especially after the Calciopoli scandal, which saw Juventus stripped of a league title and Inter benefiting from it.

One famous incident occurred during a derby fixture in the 1960–61 season when Inter was first awarded the match due to crowd issues but later had to replay it.

This decision led to a protest from Inter, who fielded youth players and suffered a humiliating defeat. Controversies have also arisen from on-field incidents, such as disputed penalties and heated confrontations between players and managers.

The 1997–98 fixture saw parliamentary arguments following a controversial penalty decision. Off-field tensions have occasionally spilled over, with concerns about racial abuse and fan behavior.

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3. AC Milan

The rivalry between Juventus and Milan is the oldest and most played Italian derby. Both clubs boast remarkable success in Italian football, constantly vying for top honors on the domestic stage. The Juventus FC and AC Milan rivalry is a clash between two of Italy’s most successful clubs.

Whenever these teams face off, it’s about pride, history, and bragging rights. This rivalry is often compared to the Derby d’Italia, which pits Juventus against Inter Milan. Together, these two derbies are part of a broader historical and socioeconomic rivalry between the cities of Milan and Turin.

For fans, the Juventus-Milan matches are opportunities to celebrate their team’s legacy and declare their dominance over their traditional opponent.

4. Fiorentina

Unlike many other football rivalries planted in geography or historical competitiveness, the rivalry between Juventus and Fiorentina originates from local pride, past grievances, and aggressive encounters both on and off the pitch.

This rivalry was bitterness In the 20th century, often charged by controversial match outcomes and heated transfer dealings. Additionally, a humiliating 11–0 defeat was inflicted by Juventus in their initial league clash in 1928.

During the 1981–82 Serie A season, Fiorentina lamented a stolen title after controversial decisions in crucial matches. Also, the transfer saga of Roberto Baggio from Fiorentina to Juventus in 1990 sparked riots and divided loyalties.

Baggio’s emotional passion for his former club deepened the hatred between him and Juventus supporters. Despite periods of one-sided dominance, both clubs faced challenges, including scandals like the Calciopoli affair, implicating both Juventus and Fiorentina in the early 2000s.

Also, Federico Bernardeschi and Dušan Vlahović’s recent moves to Juventus have reignited tensions, with Fiorentina fans labeling departing players as traitors.

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5. SSC Napoli

This rivalry became Interesting in the 1980s when Napoli appeared as a formidable contender, challenging Juventus’ dominance. Napoli won their first Serie A title in 1987, led by the legendary Diego Maradona, breaking Juventus’ stronghold.

However, Juventus struck back in the 1990s while Napoli faced relegation and financial turmoil. In the early 2000s, both clubs experienced a much better side.

Napoli, under new ownership, moved back to Serie A, while Juventus overcame the Calciopoli scandal to reclaim their spot at the top. The transfer of Gonzalo Higuaín from Napoli to Juventus in 2016 intensified hatred.

Higuaín’s record-breaking move led to fan protests and travel restrictions for supporters. Matches between the two teams became battlegrounds of pride and passion, with chants echoing the historical enmity.

Despite Napoli’s brave efforts, Juventus maintained their dominance, securing consecutive league titles. However, Napoli’s triumphs, like their victory over Juventus in 2018, kept the rivalry alive.

6. A.S. Roma

Juventus and A.S. Roma share a fierce rivalry, embedded in historical controversies and intense competitions. For Roma fans like Francesco Totti, it’s more than just a clash for trophies; it’s about perceived biases and personal grievances.

One such incident was the disallowed “gol di Turone” in 1981, which still pricks for Roma supporters. This controversial call, which possibly cost Roma a title, exemplifies the tension between the clubs.

Also, the rivalry is fueled by contrasting styles and ideologies. Juventus, known for their solid defense and tactical prowess, represented the traditional powerhouse.

Meanwhile, Roma, under the guidance of Nils Liedholm, embodied an exciting, attacking approach that challenged the status quo. You can say their clashes on the field mirrored the clash of football philosophies back then.

I could remember Maurizio Turone’s disallowed goal which was hotly contested by Roma fans and officials. This incident, and others like it, became symbolic of the perceived injustices Roma faced against Juventus.

Even former Italian Prime Minister Massimo D’Alema couldn’t shake off the bitterness, referring to it as “the complex of Turone’s goal.” Despite the controversies, both clubs pushed each other to greater heights domestically and in Europe.

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