Top 3 F.C. Porto’s Biggest Rivals 

With 84 major trophies, Porto is the second most decorated team in Portugal. Domestically, they have secured 30 league titles, including a streak of five consecutive wins from 1994–95 to 1998–99, a national record.

They also boast 19 Taça de Portugal wins, among others. Internationally, Porto has won seven prestigious trophies, including two UEFA Champions League titles in 1987 and 2004, and four UEFA Europa League titles.

They are the only Portuguese club to have won a continental treble and have made significant appearances in UEFA competitions, ranking 9th in all-time club rankings.

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Who Are F.C. Porto’s Biggest Rivals?

1. S.L. Benfica

Porto and S.L. Benfica rivalry is one of the biggest rivalries In Portugal football, with their clashes famously known as “O Clássico” (“The Classic”).

This rivalry goes beyond just matches in the league, also In competitions like the Taça de Portugal, Taça da Liga, and Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira. Despite both clubs boasting impressive European success, they’ve never met in European competition.

The rivalry between Benfica and Porto is intense due to their historical dominance in Portuguese football and the fact that Lisbon and Porto are Portugal’s two largest cities.

It all began back in 1912 with an exhibition match, which Benfica won 8-2, but Porto soon countered with victories of their own. However, both clubs have dominated, with Benfica’s best days in the late 1950s and 1960s and Porto’s resurgence in the 1980s, due to their chairman Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa.

This rivalry became more intensified in the 1990s as Porto won a record five consecutive league titles. The 2000s saw Porto continue their dominance, especially under the management of José Mourinho, while Benfica occasionally halted their momentum.

It was even more intense when players like Cristian Rodríguez switched sides. So, the competition has remained fierce, with both clubs winning league titles and domestic cup successes. Benfica currently holds the edge in league titles, but the rivalry remains is still aggressive.

In terms of honors, they have impressive records, with Benfica leading in European Cup victories and Portuguese league titles, while Porto has a stronger presence in the UEFA Europa League and domestic cup competitions.

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2. Sporting CP

The clash between F.C. Porto and Sporting CP is one of the most fiercely contested and historically football matches in Portugal. Back in the early 20th century, this rivalry saw numerous epic battles on the pitch.

In 1922, the inaugural Campeonato de Portugal, featured Porto and Sporting CP, with Porto emerging victorious in a fiercely contested battle. And that was how the whole rivalry started, and many fans predicted It would endure for decades to come.

Since their first encounter in the league in 1934, Porto and Sporting CP have engaged in a relentless rivalry, with both clubs vying for dominance in Portuguese football.

The intensity of their clashes includes competitions like the Taça de Portugal, the Portuguese League Cup, and the Portuguese Supercup.

And, the head-to-head record between both teams mirrors the competitive nature of their meetings. With a tally of matches spanning decades, they have had a closely contested series of victories, draws, and defeats.

Beyond their on-field battles, Porto and Sporting CP have a rich collection of honors and trophies, from domestic league titles to triumphs on the European level.

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3. Boavista F.C.

F.C. Porto’s clash with Boavista FC is one of the most anticipated fixtures in Portuguese football. This rivalry is known as “Derby da Invicta.”

While F.C. Porto boasts a larger fan base and a more illustrious history of success compared to Boavista FC, the intensity associated with city derbies to determine the “King” of the city may not be as dominant due to this imbalance.

Despite the historical value of this rivalry, many F.C. Porto fans may not hold strong animosity towards Boavista FC in current times. Nevertheless, matches between F.C. Porto and Boavista FC are often anticipated, drawing vibrant crowds and igniting the competitive spirit within both supporters.

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